My Journey

 "Tukahni" is Ute for "good home"  and  was chosen for my business by the elders at the Native Languages of the Americas. It honors my Native American ancestry and my full time practice; as for 20+ years I have helped others create a good and harmonious home. Even though "Tukahni" describes our homes, land, and workspaces;. it also applies to the "good home" of mind, body, and spirit.    

Spiritual and Shamanic healing Sessions can help you feel lighter, on track, and more connected. This empowers you to live fully in the present with an open heart. I am blessed to offer you in person and remote healing sessions to help you process emotions, behaviors, thoughts, attachments, and physical symptoms.  I am certified and continuously trained in Advanced Spiritual and Shamanic Healing; grateful to my powerful and gifted teacher, Victor Barron. I am blessed as an Advanced Level 2 healer, humbled to be chosen by God as His healing instrument.

  I also bring you 20+ years of intuitive Home and Business Clearing experience to clear and bless your environment. I am also trained in Victor Barron's Home & Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid technique, Advanced Level 2. I have also been given the permission by God to remotely clear properties and correct the Magnetic Grid. This is another sacred blessing I am grateful for. I am also certified in Parapsychology, which provides additional understanding of metaphysical and psychic energies. 

I have practiced Feng Shui since 1995, featured on fm radio B101.5 and numerous publications for my certified expertise. My simplified method is realistic assessments; color therapy, balance, symbolism, lighting, clutter busting, proper intention, and the understanding of frequency.  I have offered feng shui classes since 2003; also presenting on leylines, paranormal, indigo children, and other energy topics.   

I am available for public speaking, having presented at many venues over the last 15 years. I co-created and presented at the 2013 Fredericksburg Metaphysical Conference. I created Celtic Journey Tour, a guided tour of Scotland; and have led three trips to date.    

I am blessed to offer you intuitive and spiritual guidance during a healing session or as a follow up appointment. I am available for spiritual coaching or to answer questions.

I am blessed to live a beautiful life with my amazing husband, children, and family.  This is such a gift in life.  With them, I have lived fully, traveling to many places over the years. Each destination creating awareness that we all really do live the same lives; it's just the details which are different. 

I have worked successfully for many years in the corporate world; originally in finance, and later as a computer programmer. I stumbled onto feng shui while programming, and it clicked immediately. I quit my job, had my first child, and developed my full time feng shui and space clearing practice over the last 21 years. I can only imagine what people must have thought of my decision back then, when feng shui was considered eccentric.   I personally understand the pressures and complexities holding us back or keeping us from realizing our dreams.  And I understand how to help you break through those blockages. I mean, going with the flow isn't always easy at first.

   I am grateful to have up-to-date certificates in my disciplines, and try to live from my heart; practicing what I preach. Finding inner peace and wellness is something that I hold true to myself.  I care about your life and well being; helping you to open your heart to receive.  I am an ordained minister, and my services petition that God's will be done.

  I am so thankful to have found my own path in life; humbled by the sacredness and purity of this work. I am blessed to LOVE what I "do."   I am honored to be a healing instrument of God; to work with the spirit world in helping you and your environment.  There are simply no words to convey my gratitude.

May God bless you, your family, and your home. Cheryl Shotwell

Informed Consent Disclaimer: By receiving any advisement, service, or product from Cheryl; you hereby agree to the following: Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Cheryl Shotwell and all aliases and associations, from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my interaction or advisement.  All services petition that God's will be done. There are no guarantees for improvement, change, or consequent results.