Classes and Events 2017-2018

Victor Barron Upcoming Classes

Victor Barron's Training, Meditations, and Workshops in Virginia/Maryland/DC area:Information and registration through Robin and Lili's website

Victor Barron's Training, Meditations, and Workshops in California and Europe:Information and registration through

Special Event: Catedra Sunday, December 17, 2017Every year Victor Barron does a live channeling event where he leaves his body and spirits of the Highest Frequency enter his body to bring messages and give healing to everyone. We’ll be experiencing this via live videoconference with Victor in California, where the event will be held. This event is always very very special. The messages that come through are amazing, and everyone receives a spiritual healing. More info and registration via Robin and Lili's site at:

Cheryl's Classes and Talks:

All are pre-registered on the Payment page. Look for the specific class title you are registering for. 

Balancing Yourself Meditation  Sat January 6, 2018   1pm-3pm   $25

at Helping Hands Inc.,  Stafford, Virginia.  Guided meditation using the right colors to help open the heart and receive. Thank you to my teacher for permission to offer this. Register now using the Paypal link for this class on my payment page.

Clutter Busting Made Easy   Sat February 3, 2018   1pm-3pm   $25 

at Helping Hands, Stafford, Virginia. Realistic and effective tips to help you break through your own clutter. [Registration not yet open]

Healthy Home Checklist ClassSat March 17, 2018   1-3pm     $25 

at Helping Hands, Stafford, Virginia. Create health in your home and lifestyle. Including air quality, chemical free interiors, water quality, personal products, and much more. [Registration not yet open]  

Healer Practice Group at Zen Cottage

Private Healer Practice Groups  $5 Donation

Hosted at Zen Cottage for fellow healers of Victor Barron's method.  I am grateful to be able to share this sacred space with our growing healer community, and thankful for this opportunity and blessing. It is so important to practice on a regular basis! The Holy Cross, Holy Triangle, incense, alcohol, rosewater, and other session supplies are provided. The Cottage is heated and cooled per season.

Distance Healing Practice  with your own specific healing supplies such as candles or other related ingredients. You must have completed at minimum the distance healing training classes (like Traditional Shamanic Candle Healing) to attend. This is also a good opportunity for you to exchange healing with others present.

Wed Dec 13   12-3pm

Wed Jan 17   12-3pm

Wed Feb 14   12-3pm

To reserve your spot contact me.

Spirit Removal Practice for those who have completed Spirit Removal training. Also, contact me if you are a fellow healer and would like to receive a healing that day.  It is important not only to practice and improve, but to receive healing so you can be a clean instrument yourself.     


Sat Dec 9     noon-3pm

Sat Jan 13    noon-3pm

Sat Feb 10   noon-3pm

Contact me to reserve your spot.